Over 1 Billion Square Feet of Insulation Sold!

Over 1 Billion Square Feet of Insulation Sold!

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High Utility Bills

Take advantage of this exclusive offer from Eastern Ceiling & Supply to receive up to a $50 discount on insulating your home. Call to see how to reduce your utility bill 30 -50%

Take advantage of this exclusive offer from Eastern Ceiling & Supply to receive up to a $50 discount on insulating your home.

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Take advantage of this 2011 offer to receive up to a $500 Tax Credit on insulating your home.

$500 Tax Credit

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I Just wanted to let you know what an excellent job everyone did! You went above and beyond, you were the great communicator, coordinator and I also thank you for the extra focus on safe guarding my bedroom from the extensive noise. I would request you again for any job and recommend all of you to friends and family. Your product in combination with the labor and special care to make sure it was put up correctly is greatly appreciated. You were upfront and I knew what to expect. Honestly, I feel like someone handed me my life back and my peace back! Thank you sincerely, I’m so glad I called you to do this job! : ) 

Sherry D. / North Palm Beach, FL

I have relied upon your expertise since 1986...and this is the third home you have helped reduce our energy bill...our homes have always remained cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and padded our wallets with the return on investment.

Michael D. / Sewalls Point, FL

My family and I are truly thankful for your intervention in the mold, mildew and insulation abatement of our home.  The before and after differences were truly remarkable and the new Warren Buffet insulation speaks for itself, or as my wife says, pays for itself.

Michael G. / PGA National- PBG, FL

Sound control batts are lightweight, sound-absorbent insulations made of long, resilient glass fibers bonded with an acrylic thermosetting binder. The fiber glass batts are made to fit standard spacing and thickness of steel stud construction in commercial and institutional buildings. JM sound control batts provide maximum sound control effectiveness by completely filling the cavity wall. These sound control batts are compatible with wood or steel studs in walls and are also used in floor/ceiling assemblies. JM sound control batts can effectively increase STC ratings by 8 to 10 points in certain assemblies. Use of resilient channels can make wall assemblies even more efficient.

This type of insulation is used mostly for new and retrofit residential and commercial construction jobs. It also is a great product to put over existing and new acoustical drop ceilings for superior thermal and sound control. Call today for your Free Estimate!

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