Over 1 Billion Square Feet of Insulation Sold!

Over 1 Billion Square Feet of Insulation Sold!

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High Utility Bills

Take advantage of this exclusive offer from Eastern Ceiling & Supply to receive up to a $50 discount on insulating your home. Call to see how to reduce your utility bill 30 -50%

Take advantage of this exclusive offer from Eastern Ceiling & Supply to receive up to a $50 discount on insulating your home.

Johns Manville

Take advantage of this 2011 offer to receive up to a $500 Tax Credit on insulating your home.

$500 Tax Credit

Reduce Your Utility Bill

And Make Your Home

Healthier and More Comfortable


I have relied upon your expertise since 1986...and this is the third home you have helped reduce our energy bill...our homes have always remained cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and padded our wallets with the return on investment.

Michael D. / Sewalls Point, FL

My wife and I would just like to say THANKS!!!  Everything you said about the new insulation is true! Plus, since we are on a fixed income, the savings each month in our FPL bill is like having our social security increased each month.

Dick and Dawn B. / Tequesta, FL

The excitement of new ownership was diminished when rats were discovered in the attic. Your company’s involvement with the rat removal and insulation abatement process has guaranteed I can sleep at night! The bad odor is gone, the air quality is much better and after only a few months I can see the reduction in my utility bill. 

Marilyn D. /North Palm Beach, FL

My family and I are truly thankful for your intervention in the mold, mildew and insulation abatement of our home.  The before and after differences were truly remarkable and the new Warren Buffet insulation speaks for itself, or as my wife says, pays for itself.

Michael G. / PGA National- PBG, FL

We’ve lived in our home for over twenty years and never dreamed properly insulating the home would make such a difference on our utility bill and the difference in air quality was immediate!

Tom S. / Delray Beach, FL

As a first time homeowner, I really appreciated the education of insulation, but what I really enjoyed was getting my money back within the first year. Thanks!

Eric H. / Jupiter, FL

Our blowing-wool product is manufactured by Johns Manville and is a Formaldehyde-free fiber glass blow-in product that is a premium alternative to cellulose. Our fiber glass blow-in product is made for installation in open attics to fill hard-to-reach areas like corners, edges and around framing. In addition to superior thermal and acoustical performance, they are mold resistant to make your home a healthy place for your family. Please call us for more information or stop by our showroom and see our product displays!

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The above "BEFORE" picture is an example of a normal Florida attic with R-19 Formaldehyde based insulation batts. We have found out through testing that R-19 will only keep the heat out of your home for about an hour and half to 2 hours max! This is why we recommend R-38 at 16" of Formaldehyde-Free blown insulation! R-38 can withstand ultraviolet heat for up to 15 hours (longer than a days worth of sun)!!!

The "BEFORE" and "AFTER" pictures above show how we cover the AC ducts and add more insulation to make sure there is a constant 60 degree temperature maintained throughout all of the AC supply ducts! Stop by our warehouse to see our showroom or call us for more information (561) 842-5281. If you found us online, don't forget to mention that when you call us!!!

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